Workin’ on my fitness

We bought ourselves a wii fit plus system a couple of days ago. And we’ve been using the heck out of it.

The person who has made the most use of it is Bubba. He played the various games for two hours yesterday, and for an hour today. I’ve used it quite a bit too.

I think that Bubba was made uncomfortable by the fact that the wii evaluated his weight and deemed him ‘At Risk of Overweight.’

I admit our boy is big. He carries eighty pounds on his 4’8″ frame. He has a little winter pudding encasing his torso right now that he usually sheds easily when the weather warms.

But we’re very attentive to Bubba’s need for daily exercise. Hubby is usually the one who aggressively works him out on the weekends, making him run on the treadmill, taking him swimming and biking, etc. I try to get him to gym classes, sports, and I shove him out the door as frequently as the weather allows.

We know that he needs the exercise not only for his physical well-being, but for his mental and psychological health as well.

And he keeps us active too. We have been more directly involved with his upbringing than with any of our other children. And we’re the lucky one on that point.

Anyway, we encourage Bubba to play on the wii as often as he wants to, after chores and other requirements are met. And we encourage him to pace himself, and repeatedly tell him how wonderful and perfect he is exactly the way he is. We tell him we wouldn’t change a thing about him.

But we set the example of healthy people getting regular exercise and eating right (mostly). That’s the best thing we can do for him, I think.