Got my ass handed to me today

DISCLAIMER: The events and characters in the following post are fictional. They are merely composites that represent many different fictional events and characters that of course never happened.


Today was slow and steady for most of the day. Then 4:00pm came along, and the shit hit the fan.

Ambulance #1 had a post-seizure patient who was combative and very ill. Truckloads of meds, five people laying on him, intubation, and tons of nurse work, and he’ll be transferred out to a facility with a higher level of care.

Ambulance #2 and #3 came in at the same time shortly thereafter. The first was an old man with a laceration, who we pretty much ignored, because #3 had a BP of 40/25 and a pulse rate of 32. And she was mine.

One-on-one nursing care in two different rooms, a waiting room full of patients, and oh-by the way, that guy with a laceration also has a broken neck.

Jesus Christ. By the time I left (late), the cardiologist wanted to put a pacemaker in patient #3. In the ED. We talked him out of it, thank God. Patient #1 was almost ready for transfer, and #2 had a hard collar on.

Oh – and there were NO beds in the whole hospital, so we had to hold all the admits in the ED. Which is a bad thing to do – for the patients and the staff alike.

We call this kind of day a clusterfuck. All we can do is hope it’s not going to be as bad next shift we work.


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