Relative peace

Today was a better day at work.

Considering I started out the shift by giving a patient a total of 5mg ativan, and my next patient got belligerent and security ended up calling the police, it was a relatively peaceful day.

I gave good care, supported my coworkers, gave the team tools to prepare for a JCAHO inspection drill, did my daily literature review, and even got to eat lunch. I did my best to establish bonds and good communication channels with nurses and staff in other departments, and even touched base with an executive I wanted to remember me.

I came home to my sweet family, tucked into the couch with my macbook pro and a glass of wine, and enjoyed the comfy warmth of my house and loved ones.

It’s been a pretty good day. And I am, as always, grateful for the life I live, the people I care about, and the privilege of working at a job I love.

Peace out.