Today I gave Penny and Ruthie pet-icures,
vacuumed the first floor (with Opie’s help),
shampooed the carpets (damn Ruthie),
washed the floors,
did some laundry,
cooked a chicken in the rotisserie,
got Bubba’s passport photo (mug shot) taken and picked up a passport application,
exchanged a defective Rock Band guitar for another defective Rock Band guitar,
played drums on Rock Band with The Princess on the guitar,
talked to Blondie (twice),
did some research on Marie Curie for my Living Biography presentation for Bubba’s class Monday,
created a nice home page,
took Bubba to Piano Club,
and whatever else I will do with the rest of my day.

Tomorrow, I will have to get some foam circles and help Bubba with his school project, sew a long skirt, find a lab coat and finish my presentation, go to a First Communion meeting, make food, return the second guitar, do more laundry, and I don’t know what else.

I was so happy to have the weekend off. Sometimes, I think work is less work than home is.

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