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This past weekend, I spent a lot of time preparing for a presentation I had to give to Bubba’s class. It was on Marie Curie, a fascinating woman with a wonderful story. I planned my costume, did my research, took lots of notes, and printed out periodic tables for the class.

It was not a polished end product, but it was well-received. I was more nervous than I usually am, so I’m glad it’s over.

Now, I really have to buckle down and start my next presentation on topics in nursing professionalism. My manager suggested I address change.

Change. So many different aspects, so many different ways to approach it. None of them pretty.

I figure I’ll start by telling a few stories about nurses who initiated and implemented change successfully. This will demonstrate that it is possible for a humble nurse (like me or you) to accomplish change. It will chip away at the existing paradigm of the audience.

Then, I thought I’d try my best to do this presentation without using the word ‘change.’ It has negative connotations, and turns people off right away. I will use ‘challenge,’ or ‘opportunity,’ or ‘adaptation.’ I will break down the big mountain of change into tiny simple steps that are easily accomplished and much less intimidating.

I’ve saved some articles I found on the internet, and I’m reading a couple of nursing management books. I’m hoping I can gather a little more information, then start my outline. I would like to be able to start giving this presentation to different units at their staff meetings by the end of February.

Gotta go climb my mountain.

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