News about news

I’m kinda excited about tomorrow.

Sure, I have the day off of work. And Hubby’s going out of town, so we get to order out dinner. And yes, I have a pedicure date with my girlfriends. And of course there’s the State of the Union speech, which I get to watch (or not, if I choose) without my husband’s efforts at making me uncomfortable and pissing me off.

But the real reason I’m so excited is Apple’s big announcement. They will most likely be announcing their new tablet, which sounds so incredibly awesome, like an itouch on steroids. And they may also declare that the iphone will be available on more than At&T, which would be way cool because then I may be able to eventually get one on my phone plan.

It just sounds like an all-around fun day, full of surprises and new discoveries.

PS My chosen word for the State of the Union drinking game is ‘jobs.’ Take a drink whenever you hear it uttered during the speech or the rebuttal. What’s your word?

PPS Also, funny how my neck pain abated after a day of refusing to pick up O’Baby. Huh.