I thought he was the Last Good Man.

He was compassionate, he fought for the little guy, he cared about the poor. He loved his family. He lost a son. He grieved and went on. He and his wife worked side-by-side to raise their kids and to accomplish the lofty goals he set for himself. He lost an election and he went on.

He loved his wife and supported her through breast cancer. He ran for election again. His wife encouraged him to do so, even though the cancer had returned.

He was a good husband. A good father. A smart politician with a heart. He was modest and self deprecating.

He was none of those things. He cheated on his wife repeatedly and long-term. He denied being a father to his child for two years. He became desperate to get into office and started to believe his own hype.

He is a sad, desperate, conniving, smarmy politician who has no morals or scruples. He is just another one of them, maybe the worst of them.

Because once upon a time, I believed in him. I thought he was the Last Good Man. And I thought wrong.

In a way, I am grieving. For that lost ideal. It feels like a bad breakup. John Edwards disgusts me now.

So now do I stop believing in people? If the Last Good Man/Woman comes along, will I know him/her? Is there even such a person? Is Obama that person?

How will I know? How do you ever really know?