Proud as punch

My dad got the wii fit plus for Christmas, along with a couple of games to go with it.

He has been using it daily. He has made it part of his morning routine. He tries new stuff, like yoga and step aerobics. He can run in place for twenty minutes. The wii keeps track of his balance and BMI and minutes exercising, and he improves every day.

Every day he improves. This is huge.

The wii fit plus just seems to have clicked with him. I have never seen him this motivated. He sounds like he’s eager for the challenge every day.

He’s sticking to it. He’s persevering. He workin’ on his fitness. I’m his witness.

I’m so proud of him. It’s tough to take on a new challenge, especially when it’s something that could easily be drudgery. But he’s doing it. He’s doing all he can to make himself fit and healthy. I wish I could be as motivated and disciplined as he is.

I just couldn’t be prouder of him. Good job, Dad!