The most exciting game I have ever seen

The basketball game I went to tonight was unbelievable!

My favorite player was on fire. The whole team was synced and pumped for play.

My favorite guy was so formidable on the defense – he was The Brick Wall – nothing got past him!
And when he got the ball, he either got rid of it quickly, or he took a great shot, making most of his attempts. They couldn’t stop him.

I loved how he was all over his man on the other team, yet still watched over his shoulder and blocked the ball, jumping to keep it from getting in his opponent’s hands.

And while the whole team did really well, and worked together like a well-oiled machine, my guy stood out. He played the whole time, with only one short break, because there were only four healthy players on his team tonight. He never tired. He never flagged. He was as hot at the end of the game as he was at the start.

If the pros haven’t scouted him yet, they will be soon.

The player is Bubba. Tonight’s game was the best he’s ever played, and the most exciting I’ve ever seen.

And the thing of it is, he was just as happy if his teammates got a basket as he was when he did. And he never hogged the ball, he utilized each member of the team.

He is just such a great kid. I’m so proud of him.