Looking up

I thought I’d go out to the Walgreen’s this afternoon and buy some chocolate. You know, make myself feel better.

I went to the Gap store instead. I don’t know why. It was not premeditated. But that’s where I ended up. I haven’t been to that store in well over a year. I haven’t felt that I could buy anything better than old navy stuff.

But I wanted a new pair of jeans. My old favorite gap jeans are huge on me now. So I tried on a size 14 and a 12. I swam in them.

I was flummoxed, flabbergasted and perplexed. I asked the salesperson to get me a size ten. And it fit! My belly is still kinda big and flabby, so I’m actually a lumpy 10, but I am a size ten!

I then bought another pair of pants and a couple of tops and a sweater on sale. Then I went over to Gap body and got a nice bra in a smaller size and some cute underpants. Everything fits! I could pass out!

I tell ya, that sure made me feel better than chocolate.


On a related side note: I think part of my emotional roller-coaster could possibly be blamed on perimenopause. I’m getting hot flashes again, and my cycle is becoming more irregular, so the mood swings kinda make sense.

Not that that makes it any better, but at least I have a scapegoat now.