The sweater as metaphor

I think my new sweater is purple. The Princess thinks it’s navy blue.
And that pretty much sums up our whole relationship.

We differ, we have strong opinions, but we really think very much along the same lines. And although we argue, our views are very similar. Our differences don’t really matter much at all, but sometimes they get in the way just because they are differences.

Anyway, that’s my take on things.


Today is my nephew Jack’s fifth birthday! We must celebrate all day. We will make paper hats, and blow on horns, and put on large shoes and march around the house. And we will have a cake in his honor! For today is a glorious day! It’s Jack’s birthday and the world is happy!

Happy birthday wonderful boy!!!

1 thought on “The sweater as metaphor

  1. I had a fabulous day, Ciocia Sue! Each of my friends at school made me cards and banners! I also passed out a goodie bag for every kid. Livie helped, too. My Mama and Papa got me a REAL skateboard and Livie got me a helmet and protective elbow and knee pads! It was a fun day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Love you!

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