I forgot to post yesterday – sorry.

I did get in another run – 2.25 miles in 26 minutes, walk for 1/8 mile, run for another .25 mile. My left knee was kinda sore last night, but seems fine today. I worked all day, and was on my feet for the whole twelve hours pretty much.

So I’m feeling all forty-six – almost forty-seven of my years tonight. Just sore from the waist down.

Tomorrow I work another twelve-hour shift. The doctor will only be slightly better than the one we had today. And my co-staff will be the same soul-sucking bunch I worked with all day. They’re really not that bad, but today was rough and nerves were frayed. I am done on so many levels.

On the plus side, Hubby took me out for a nice dinner last night, just the two of us. And he and Bubba had tons of fun today while I was at work. The Princess found an apartment she and Koby liked and they’re putting in an application for it Monday.

We all have the day off Monday, so that will be our family Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to get past tomorrow and put this weekend behind me.