No running today. No working today.

Easy, quiet day with the family. Legs are still achy, but I’ll recover. I plan to still fit in running at least three times this week. Tomorrow morning to start.

Hubby’s computer bit it, Bubba’s computer is pretty much useless. So we’re on the market for a new one.

The Princess and Koby and O’Baby got approved for an apartment. They move March 15th. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Yes I do. I feel too much. Too many emotions. I will sort them out slowly and deal with them each in a low-key manner. At least that’s the plan.

We’re giving them our kitchen table, so I’m getting a new really nice one. There’s a plus. I’m not going to think about the minuses.

2 thoughts on “Easy

  1. Quite a lot going on in your house. It was inevitable that you would have to get a new laptop. Oh, well. It’s going to be very hard for you and Hubby to see the kids move, but they have to try. And you’ll find that they’ll still be at your house a lot. And they’ll be close by. I do understand.

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