People in the news

1. I hate to put him at the top of any list, but Tiger Woods. He’s a douchebag. He stages his own ‘candid’ photoshoots with a photographer on his payroll. He stages a ‘press conference’, pretaped in front of a smal audience of family and friends. He has no reason to speak to anyone, unless it’s to serve his own need for publicity. The man is a narcissist and needs to just shut up and play golf.

2. Roger Ebert used to be the irascible one in the Siskel & Ebert duo of movie critics. The argumentative, opinionated one. Now he is a beloved, respected elder statesman, who has been through the war and come out a better man. He has been through terrible surgeries for cancer, and radiation that doomed further successful surgeries. He lost his ability to eat, speak and drink. Now he communicates mainly through the written or tweeted word. His writing senses are sharpened and honed. His online journal is entertaining and wonderfully written. I have a renewed respect for the man, and I hope he writes an autobiography soon. Or any other book not written about the movies.

3. Evan Liscecek (or however it’s spelled) won the gold medal in men’s figure skating last night. He is sweet, skilled and humble. And good-looking. He is also from Naperville IL, near where I used to live. He just seems like a genuine nice guy, even speaking kindly and respectfully about his sour-grapes Russian rival. He displays good sportsmanship and sets a good example.

4. Lady Gaga has become a caricature of herself. They may have been her intent, I don’t know. She was the new Madonna, but I think she may have taken it a bit too far now. I guess her next album will tell the tale.

5. Barack Obama has had a tough freshman year. But we should remember the Ronald Reagan did too. And he ended up being one of the most fondly remembered presidents in history. We should be cutting Obama some slack. When I turned on the TV this morning, I couldn’t but notice how the media was saturated with rabid anti-Obama, anti-Democrat, anti-bipartisanship screaming rhetoric. The accusations and vemon were scattered like buckshot, with no thought to whom they might affect, or what outcome they might precipitate. I wish the Republicans would just stop spouting, and start working with their rivals to produce some positive outcomes.

And that’s how I feel about that.

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  1. The only person Tiger Woods needs to kiss ass to is his wife. And even then, I hope she leaves him. If I were her, I wouldn’t go near his penis ever again. Have you SEEN where it’s been? Ugh.

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