Stupid people

Today at work, each and every patient I took care of had already seen a doctor or been to our hospital within the past day or two. Either the antibiotics weren’t working fast enough, or his/her doctor told him/her to come to the ED and get a shopping list of tests done, or the patient just loved the drama and came back for more.

I am so sick of not-sick people coming in with lists of tests they want done, telling us how to care for them, and telling us what their diagnoses are.

Why the heck did you come to the ER? If you don’t want the ED physician’s evaluation and treatment, why are you here? The people in our county, the ones who come to our ED, are an entitled bunch. They expect to have their asses kissed, and if they are not fawned over, they complain loudly.

I am one of the best nurses customer-service-wise. I can establish a rapport with anyone. But I was tested today. I was ready to kill each and every person I took care of. Luckily I have the next two days off.

The next stupid person I meet I’m gonna punch in the throat.