Working for a livin’

I work all weekend. At the hospital.
Today, I watched O’Baby, cleaned the house, etc.
The day before I worked in the hospital.
The day before that I watched O’Baby.

There seems to be a pattern here.

But it’s a good pattern. This is what life will be like. Except, as of April 24th, I’ll be working less at the hospital and more with O’Baby. When The Princess and O’Baby move in with Koby March 15th, she will start working three days a week. I will be O’Baby’s day care. We are the best of friends. It will be great.

The summer will be wonderful. I will take O’Baby and Bubba to the pool for swim lessons. We will explore the creeks and parks in our area. We will go on field trips to the zoo and the farmstead. We will earn our keep and bust our humps working around the house. We will take naps and eat snacks.

It will be a wonderful summer with my boys. I just can’t wait.

The weak spring sunshine I’ve been feeling the past few days is a tickle of the joy I will get to feel in a few months. It’s what’s keeping me going while I plug my way through extra shifts at the ED.

Just keep swimmin’…

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