Seems today the gravity was extra strong.
In the ED, we got lots of old people and kids falling down and going boom.

They should broadcast Gravity Alerts, kinda like Ozone Alerts. That way, when the gravity level is abnormally high, the old folks can stay in their beds and not get hurt by hitting their heads on the their front stoops. And kids won’t be injured by swinging golf clubs or bigger kids on trampolines or cement.

That said, today was a much better day than yesterday. I wasn’t involved in any activity involving poo or puke or icky secretions, and only a little urine, which was under control. And we didn’t have to hold any inpatients either!

Tomorrow I have a day off. No work or baby care. Just one guy coming over in the morning to work on a visually-pleasing inexpensive drainage design for the backyard. After that, I plan to do pretty much nothing.

If I get ambitious, I may wash a dog. Or two. They have bad D.O.