I puked

I was so sick yesterday.

Two huge boxes from P0ttery barn were delivered to my door, but remained unopened until Bro took it upon himself to do it that evening.
That’s pretty sick.

I even had a fever, which I can’t remember experiencing in recent history. I called in sick to work today.

Today, I felt better. Still nauseous and crampy, and some chills. But functional.

Tomorrow, I guess I have to be back to 100%. It’s O’Baby/Gramma Day. The Princess has to work. That’s okay. We’ll just hang out. Poor O’Baby keeps getting bruises and scrapes on his face – he looks like he went ten rounds with the champ. I notified O’Baby that he can’t get any more injuries until after we get family photos taken at the wedding March 20th. After that, have at it.

Anyway – just checking in.