I got a raise today. That’s my third one in a year.
Too bad I won’t be enjoying it after April 24th. That’s when I go PRN, which means I get a flat rate, and give up my part-time status.

I’m really going to miss working regular hours. I love my boss, my coworkers, my job. For all my bitching and moaning, I really love what I do. And work loves me back. I got a stellar review today. I had a really great year in 2009.

I know I will be very happy devoting my time to O’Baby and Bubba. I know I just couldn’t allow anyone else to watch that baby while his mom’s at work.
But I also know I’ll miss my career.

Because I finally have one. I know I’ll keep my hand in, picking up various shifts. I’ll also still post my stupid JCAHO flyers, and send out handouts to my coworkers, and maybe even consider doing another hospital-wide presentation if an issue lights my fire.

But I won’t be one of the core staff. I’ll miss that the most of all. Can I be a wonderful grandma/mom/day care provider as well as nurse?
I guess we’ll see.

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