Not right now

I can’t write about how I feel right now. I have to get it all straight in my head. Or my heart, I guess.

I wish it was nice out, so I could go for a killer walk to clear my head. That would center me and enable me to get a grip on my feelings. But it’s cold and rainy.
And I’m not very good at meditating in the usual way.

I think maybe just some alone time would help. And a good run on the treadmill. I plan to attempt that in the morning, it’s been so long. But even if I just do a walk on the treadmill, that’ll be worth something.

Anyway, my thoughts are a-jumble, my feelings are fragile and friable, and I am teetering on the edge.
Send some good thoughts my way, please.

1 thought on “Not right now

  1. Good thoughts:
    O’Baby and Bubba in the pool, splashing each other.
    Taking nice long walks to the creek with O & Bubba.
    Bubba teaching O every different kind of butterfly and bird.
    The boys playing in the creek.
    O wearing a Cubbies hat.
    Going out for ice cream with O & Bubba after too much physical activity.
    Loading O up on a sugar high before you send him home with his momma.
    Trips to the zoo, arboretum, Deanna Rose, etc.

    This will all be good. It will be wonderful.
    I’ll miss you.

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