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So The Princess and O’Baby moved out today.

Bubba and I watched O’Baby all day while The Princess and Koby and Daniel and Bro moved all their stuff out. We went to the kids’ museum and ran around and played and ended up getting soaked at the water tables. Then we went out to lunch, where O’Baby ate chicken on a stick.

Nothing better than chicken on a stick!

We came home and attempted a nap while Bubba went to a friend’s house. Then we watched everybody come in and out, carrying furniture and boxes and bags.

O’Baby only cried a little bit once – when a certain song came on the CD player that reminded him of Mom. But he was fine immediately. He was so unsettled all day, but mostly happy and goofy. He is a wonderful boy and we are very good friends, he and I.

There’s still a bunch of their stuff around the house. It’ll take a while for it all to be moved out. But the house is less in a state of flux now. When it was so messy and disorganized, it kind of played with everyone’s psyche. The disorder caused anxiety in every one of us.

Now, when I get a chance, I will clear all the clutter and restore order. The house will look calm and peaceful, so our minds will be too.

Yes, I miss them already, but it was time. Now we will be like most families. The kids will bring the grandkids over, or we will visit them. That’s okay. We were lucky to have them here with us for almost two years. We were so fortunate to see O’Baby grow from a sprout, and his mother mature into, well, a mother.

I know how lucky we were. Now it’s just Hubby and me and Bubba and the dogs. A compact family unit. We will relearn our interactions, discover new sides to each other, and explore different areas of our relationships. I look forward to devoting time to only Bubba. He’s a great kid and we’re lucky to have him.

Just us three. The house is quiet.

Until Bro moves back in April.