How is it that I have been assigned the charge nurse spot the vast majority of my recent shifts at work?

I get to run interference between patients, nurses, doctors, the house supervisor, and family members.

I get to fight for beds for patients, politely followup on tardy lab results, attempt to sneak patients past the admitting doctors so they don’t clog up our rooms, triage all incoming patients, help start IVs, insert foleys, wipe butts, call for coverage when someone calls in sick, make sure none of my nurses gets overloaded, hurry along the slower ones, make sure tests and xrays are done in a timely fashion, keep the doctor moving, help the nurses with whatever they need me to do, etc.

I get to make sure our work environment is sufficiently and appropriately stocked, so we can be effective nurses. I track down missing equipment, clean and sanitize our work environment, make sure everyone gets to have lunch, summon appropriate resources to support the smooth operation of our unit.

I get to close the department to ambulances if we get too full, or if we have to hold inpatients on our unit. I get to make decisions that impact the flow of patients through our department. I get to be the go-to person for any question that comes up. I get to set an example of professionalism and set the tone of the unit.

I am responsible and accountable for anything that happens on my shift.

Totally worth the extra dollar an hour, dontcha think?

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