On your feet, soldier

I spent most of the day yesterday sulking. I watched O’Baby for a very short time in the morning, then he was gone.

His absence was a giant hole in my heart and house. So I sat around all day, moping. The house needed cleaning, but I thought to myself, “Why clean? It’ll never get dirty again now.” Bubba felt the too-quietness too.

Today, I’m done moping. I dusted, cleaned and vacuumed the first floor, shampooed the carpets, washed the floors. I cleaned the bird cage and the bathroom and did some laundry. By the time O’Baby and The Princess come over later to ‘hang out,’ the carpets will be dry, and the furniture will be back in place.

And it’s okay with me if he dirties it all up again.

I know I’ll get used to this new life eventually. But I don’t think it hit me last week because we were all so busy moving, working and going to Chicago. Yesterday, there was really nothing else to occupy my mind. So I think I’m just going to have to keep busy.

That shouldn’t be a problem. I just have to stay motivated. And out of the pantry.