Fresh air

We spent most of the day outside today. It was in the low 80s and sunny, kinda breezy. Seems we just can’t escape the wind lately.

Hubby spent his time powerwashing the outside of the deck – it was harder than he thought it would be. His task was to get the old paint off so he could apply stain. He came in covered with paint and wood flecks, with a sore back.

My task was to do spring cleanup outside in the front yard. With Bubba’s help, I chopped up and raked and bagged all the dead stuff. We picked up and bundled all the sticks, and pruned the heck out of the rose bushes. I don’t even like roses.

I noticed that our rock wall was kinda caving in, due to the bedding soil washing away. I thought sometime this summer I might rebuild the rock wall, take out the roses bushes, refill the beds with soil, and plant some lovely shrubs and veggies. We’ll be ordering at least a dump truck of soil anyway, to fill in the backyard and some other beds. So why not?

It was wonderful to be outside all day in the sun. I have color now, along with sore muscles and a blister on my hand. And the yard looks so much neater. Now there’s room for all the new spring growth.

I am exhausted, but happy with my accomplishment. There are so many projects to be tackled around this house. It’s so much more work than I had ever wanted, it’s all I can do to just barely keep up. Many chores have fallen by the wayside, and they just have to wait until I get around to them.

I’m gonna try to get to a bunch of them in the next couple of months. When I’m not working or watching the baby. Whatever – I’m not going to worry about that now.