Dad’s here! And his five stents! Let the recovery begin.

He’s wearing a bracelet that says ‘heart patient.’ He’s still feeling fragile and afraid. He went to bed early, avoiding all desserts and snacks.

Tomorrow, he and I will watch O’Baby all day. It’ll be rainy so there’s not much we can do about going for a walk or anything. We’ll probably just hang out and play, maybe squeeze in a quick walk if the weather allows.

Dad seems scared. I know the feeling won’t last that long – he might be back to his old ways in a few weeks. But right now, he’s so scared of eating the wrong stuff, exercising too hard, stressing out too much. It’s kinda sad, but understandable.

I stocked the house with all kinds of fruits. I have healthy meals planned. I intend to try to incorporate exercise into our daily routine. I won’t push him on anything, but I maybe just present him with some healthy options and give positive feedback.

Physically, he’s fine. He seems to need to heal emotionally now.

We’ll take good care of him.

3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. The loss of confidence can be very difficult to overcome, especially as we get older, but you’ll do a great job with your Dad. 🙂

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