Princess shift

This morning, I got Bubba off to school, then went over to The Princess’ place. She, Owen, Penny and I went on a great killer 3.5 mile walk. Although our distance wasn’t killer, our pace certainly was. It was fun, except for when Penny pooped n The Princess’ apartment. Yeesh.

We even got to see four deer on our walk. The Princess was freaked out, but Owen and I thought it was cool.

Afterward, I went home, showered, and went to work. Since I get to pick when and how long I work now, I signed up for a 12n-6p shift today. It was great. Last one to arrive, first one to leave. I didn’t have to be charge nurse, I didn’t have to do my usual morning room inspections and nurses’ station sterilization. I didn’t have to stock rooms or check code carts. It was wonderful.

I got home in time to eat dinner with Bubba and enjoy some time with the family. Sweeet.

Tomorrow, I’m signed up for a HazMat class, but I am choosing to take the day off. I’m in need of a little me time, and the class can be rescheduled for later in the year. I plan to buy some new orthotic flipflops and some of those gym shoes that tone your butt. I also have to start clothes shopping for my trip to San Francisco, which is in a few weeks.

I will also be going to the local farmstead with The Princess and O’Baby. He’s at an age where he will really enjoy himself there.

It won’t be all play tomorrow though. I have to shampoo the carpet yet again, clean the bird cage, do some paperwork, pay some bills, wash the floors, etc. But I’ll be able to do it at my own unhurried pace.

Okay – I just realized I actually have a lot to do tomorrow. But that’s okay. It’ll be a beautiful day and I’ll be able to enjoy it. Yay.