No excuses

We’re all busy. I’m no different. Perhaps more lazy than most, but that’s about it.

How about an update?

Bro is out playing poker with his boss and coworkers. Hubby is in bed. Bubba is in bed. The Dog Concussion Grenade has gone off. Even the bird is asleep, or at least quiet.

I’m hoping O’Baby is asleep. I took him and Bubba and Nick to the pool today and did my best to wear them all out. It rained most of the time we were there, and that was good and bad. Good: we had the pool mostly to ourselves. Bad: You can’t get a cold wet baby warm and dry with a cold and wet towel. We ended up shortening our visit, and returning home to play.

Bubba enjoyed his playtime with Nick, then went to baseball practice. He should sleep well tonight.

I made a nice dinner. Locally-grown clean steaks on the grill, kashi, and every vegetable I had sauteed with garlic and salsa. Clean, baby. Makes me feel good.

My carpets need shampooing – bad. The rain that has been saturating us for the past forever days is making things tough on us. There is bright humid sunshine one second, then pluvious downpours the next. Then it gets really hot and starts the cycle again. I’m done with that nonsense.

Tomorrow is O’Baby’s two-year checkup. And Bubba and I plan to go to the local farmers market. He’s really into the organic food lately – he even ate some blueberries right off our bushes this morning! Without CoolWhip! And declared that they were pretty good!

Thursday is O’Baby’s second birthday. I have a hard time believing that this giant presence in our lives has only been around such a short time. Conversely, I have a hard time believing that two years have passed so quickly. He is a joy and a miracle and a daily blessing.

Friday, my mom flies in for a visit. We are all really really excited to see her! The Princess will pick her up from the airport, because it will be a crazy day for our family. Hubby and I have quick doctor appointments at 9am, he has an upper endoscopy at 10am, Bubba has a book club meeting at 10:30am, Mom’s flight gets in at 10:30am. After Hubby takes a good long nap, The Princess, Koby and O’Baby will be coming over for dinner to celebrate O’Baby’s birthday.

I can’t wait. I love it when it’s busy and crazy around here. The more people, the better. I sometimes just like to sit and watch all the people I love moving around the house, laughing and eating and talking. It’s the happiest I get.

Hey – thanks for checking in. I’ll try to be a little more timely with my updates.

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