I like the way my life has been going lately.

No drama, no upheaval. It’s been pretty effortless steering this ship recently.

But you know how my family life is, and you know (and I should have known) that the tranquil passage through still waters couldn’t last for long.

Now the sea is stormy. The waves are threatening to swamp the boat. We sailors are actually having to exert effort.

We aren’t going to sink – no, nothing like that. But there is turmoil and we’re getting tossed a bit. My co-captain and I are making it a goal to do everything we can to keep an even keel. Since we are experienced sailors, we know that if you look to the horizon, you’ll see that there are clear skies ahead. No storm lasts forever.

Now all we have to to do is ingrain that into our younger, less experienced crew members.