Take my hand

Amy’s kids have wrapped me around their little fingers. It’s just not fair.

Their beautiful eyes of brown, grey and blue entrance me. Their pouty lips, their toothy smiles, their straight-line grins – they all captivate me. I am helpless against them.

Their bony elbows, their dimply knees, their long skinny bodies, their round chubby cheeks – I am in love with every single part of them.

I love them so much. I miss them with a pain in my heart. I want to be with them all the time.

This past weekend was wonderful in so many ways. I feel like I cemented my bond with Jack and Livie. I know Liesl and Leia won’t know me when I see them again, but that’s okay. They knew I loved them when I was there and that’s good enough.

They are all part of my heart. And I think they know it.

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