One thing that infuriates me is the fact that I cannot find a NEWS station or NEWS paper anymore.

All the so-called current news stations are in fact opinion stations. Objectivity is long-gone and forgotten. I don’t care if it’s a right-leaning station or a left-leaning media outlet. I just want a source that reports only the facts – the objective, measurable, verifiable information that we can’t seem to get anymore.

How about a dry, middle-aged adult reading us the news? Painstakingly making sure that he/she is only stating the facts – the truth? Is that really too much to ask? How about a print journalist who verifies the facts then reports them without opinion, like in the old days?

I’m praying for the inevitable backlash against news bias to come soon. When it does, I will whoop and holler and jump for joy.

(If you couldn’t tell, I spent all evening in the living room with Bill, while he watched FoxNews. I don’t know how I got through it without a fight. I will be grinding my teeth in bed tonight, that’s for sure.)