Seasons change and so must I

I go through this every year. I should know to prepare myself by now.

School is back in session. Decky is back to school.

I had arranged my work schedule so that I worked only weekends all summer. That meant I would be home all week to be with Decky and could watch Owen as needed. Now that Decky’s gone all week, I have to adjust my work schedule so that I work mostly weekdays. I don’t want to miss any weekend fun with my boy.

I was off all this past week. Decky started school Wednesday, and I’ve been aimless since then. I just don’t know what to do with myself. One day I spent eating everything in the house, after walking and jogging for an hour and a half. The next day I ate next to nothing, exercised, stayed busy all day and didn’t know where the time went. Today I watched Owen all day, which was wonderful.

My point would be that I need a schedule. I want to work enough to earn my keep and not get bored, but I don’t want to work too much so my home obligations are neglected. It’s a delicate balance that I’m not very good at maintaining.

If I work too much, Cait gets mad because she doesn’t like to watch Decky that often. But if I don’t work enough, I get bored at home. Cait works mostly weekends now too, so I don’t get to watch Owen very often.

I don’t know. I work all this weekend, so I’m going to take a look at the upcoming schedule and see what I can work out. It’s just so hard to get it right.

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