When you do a chore at someone’s request, it does not count if that person has to clean up after you, or complete that task.

Also, you should not begin that chore when the other person just comes home from twelve hours of work in a busy emergency room that had no air conditioning for five hours.

And you should not then proceed to ask ‘Where’s this?’ and Where’s that?” when you are the one who cleaned out the garage and threw everything away.

And you should not then remind the other person that the TV in the front room doesn’t work and you can’t fix it, in fact you made the problem worse.

And you should not then avoid completion of the chore by hiding in the bedroom, which connects to the bathroom which has your dirty sweaty clothes and towels and toiletries scattered about like a bomb went off.

You probably also don’t want to make a peep about – well really anything. Since you didn’t really do the chore you were requested to take care of early this morning at all.

You should however, probably go out and find some chocolate for the person who originally requested you do the chore. Or at least provide a foot rub with lotion.

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