An Irritable Neighbor

I wonder if I am losing my filter. I know when you get old, that happens. You get meaner, you speak your mind more loudly, you don’t take others’ feeling into account so much.
A week or so ago, Bill cleaned out the garage and threw out everything. I mean everything. A couple of days later, the next-door neighbor called Cait over n a secretive manner and told her he had picked the red wagon out of out trash so Owen could have it. She laughed and said thank you. Omg. wtf?
I got irritated with the homeowners’ association manager yesterday. She left a voicemail last week saying that I underpaid my monthly dues (they had just upped it a couple of months ago and I forgot), and what should she do with my check?

Um. Cash it, I imagine. Duh. I ignored the message, and she called me again yesterday. And she also stated that she heard I had gone out of town last weekend. Number one, quit bugging me for something very stupid, number two, don’t get in my business. I asked her if she didn’t want my money. I told her I had sent a check for the balance the other day. Geez – it’s not like I’m a deadbeat or she doesn’t know where I live or something.
The neighborhood labor day picnic is coming up. Monday was the RSVP date, so I sent off an email stating we would be there and to let me know what to bring. Two hours after that, I got an email asking whether we were coming or not. I ignored it, thinking she just hadn’t check her email yet. She left a voicemail yesterday, and called me today.

I was short with her. I know she’s doing something nice, and she’s volunteering her time. But still… I know the neighbors are good people and they love our children. But I feel they’re all up our business lately.

Am I just cranky?

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  1. You’re not cranky. It’s not your fault people don’t check their emails. And I don’t like anyone in my business, either.

    It’s nothing a trip to the bookstore can’t fix.

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