Okay, the front door is just about done being painted. Maybe one more coat on the inside, some touchups. It’s a glossy very dark brown. I like it.

Next is my bedroom. I am leaning toward a dark aqua or turquoise. I think it will be beautiful with the brown curtains and white trim, don’t you? And a darker shade of turquoise or aqua inside the tray ceiling would look so cool.

I have a guy coming out next week to give me estimates on painting the entire exterior of the house, and the living room/breakfast room eggplant idea. Bill’s pretty much on board for the exterior, now I just have to work on him for the purple. Baby steps, people.

Bacon was a good idea, Amy.

Tomorrow, Cait and Owen and Dani and Miles are coming over for dinner and fun. And for Dani to cut our hair. I have had it with growing out my bangs. I’ve decided that I need the bangs again – I’m so sick of pinning them back, and it’s all way too long. Yuck. Just thinking about it makes me want to lop it all off with a butter knife. But I know I’d get hurt.

So in the morning, while I wait for the internet guy (don’t ask), I will make some pasta sauce with my homegrown tomatoes and basil, and get my chicken parmesan done. That way, I’ll just have to put it all together when the babies come over.

I can’t wait – I know Decky’s dying without his Owen since he started school. I love having everybody over. It’s what I live for.