Still not sure about the haircut. It’s a short bob with bangs and layers. It’s pretty enough, but I think I might just want the sides chopped off.

It does look better today since I messed with it, but it has been slept in, so I’ll start all over again tomorrow and see how I feel for sure.


Owen is in love with Ryan.

He spent a good hour or so with him this afternoon. They played some kind of OCD game where Owen runs behind a seated Ryan, whips a couple of balls over his head, then kisses the back of Ryan’s neck twice and runs to get the balls to start it all over again. Ryan was just eating it up. And whenever Ryan got out of the correct position, Owen would yell “Uncle Rynie!”.

That boy has both his uncles wrapped around his bitty fingers.

Also, when Owen was leaving, I asked him “Who loves you?” and he answered “Uncle Rynie!”

Oh, it’s beyond over.


I have a rare weekend off, and we’re not going out of town, so I’m just spending it with my men. Pool, farmers market, football practice. Nothing urgent or intense. Just a lazy summer weekend.

Really looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Ambivalent

  1. Send me a picture of your haircut. You would NOT believe how curly my hair is now. I have spirals, Sue! When have you even known me to have curly hair like this? I guess all the hormonal changes I went through with all the pregnancies I had sure did a number on my hair. The picture I posted on FB was after she’d straightened my hair.

    Seriously, you would NOT believe the thickness and the curls I have. It’s unreal.

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