With fall approaching (ever so slowly, here in Kansas), I can feel myself nesting more.

The farmers market is turning to squash and tomatoes. No more berries and green beans.
All the stores have fall clothing, boots.
There are previews for new fall TV shows.

I am thinking about apple picking and fall colors and hiking and wearing sweaters and watching football and making big pots o’ food.

And I am thinking about painting the house inside and out. I am perusing the different catalogs for fall decorations. And cookbooks for hearty recipes.
I even want to learn to can foods.

I signed up for three classes on cooking with beans, whole grains and vegetables. I am researching canning, but will probably not attempt it until I take a class.
I am ready for fall. I want to take long walks under changing leaves in brisk weather.

So tomorrow will be 92 again. Inside, I’m ready to start a fire.

2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Ohhhhhh. I’m thinking about fall, too. However, that just means going back to work for me, which I am sad about. We had a great summer here. I’m sad it’s ending.

    On the other hand, I’m looking forward to cooking stuff with pumpkin in it, and wearing a jacket, and watching the first snowfall of the year with my kids.

    It’s bittersweet for me, really. Sigh.

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