I worked all day today. This is different because the whole summer I’ve only worked weekend days, so I could spend all week with Decky and Owen.

Now that Decky’s back in school, I knock around the house without him. So I’ve started back to working weekdays.

I felt disoriented all day. What do you mean the cafeteria’s open? Why is it not as crazy as usual? Ultrasound is in the house? Cats and dogs living together?

It was kinda like Bizarroworld.

It was also the last day for our current emergency physician’s group at our hospital. A new group from the mothership downtown takes over as of 7am tomorrow.

Everybody is kinda sad to see our docs leave. We’ve become friends over the years. We have them all broken in like old shoes, comfortable.
Now we’ll have these new, high-tech docs. We’ll have to break them in. We’ll probably get blisters from these new running shoes, but maybe we’ll run and jump really fast now.

Okay, enough of that analogy. Our old docs are throwing a party soon, and we’re all going to attend. It should be fun, now that we’re all friends.
Thanks for a good run, docs.

1 thought on “Disoriented

  1. That’s so sad. Why do they have to leave?

    I hate when there’s a new sheriff in town, in your case – many new sheriffs. I’ll be getting a new principal in January, after my current one of 8 years leaves. It’s never any fun getting used to a new big kahuna. It’s like starting all over again. Sigh.

    I feel your pain. I hope those docs hold one helluva party for you guys. You’ve worked your ass off, Sister!

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