Not so fresh

My house smells musty. After a summer of high heat and closed windows and air conditioning, it is musty.

And today, with all the windows open, the high humidity makes it even mustier.

What we need is a new paint smell. Plus maybe a carpet cleaning smell.

Oh heck – who am I kidding? It needs a whole house sterilization and deodorizing. Too bad I won’t be doing something like that anytime soon. Unless someone is coming over, I will only be doing basic cleaning.

The house will get a deep cleaning before Dani’s shower Sept 25th. We can last a few more weeks with the mustiness.

1 thought on “Not so fresh

  1. I once read that if you add some vanilla to your can of paint, it will take that paint smell out and it’ll smell fresh. It’s worth a try, I guess.

    You try it first.

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