How weird is it that my oldest daughter just bought a bedroom set of her own – her first brand-new furniture?
How weird is it that my youngest daughter, her boyfriend, and her son are taking their first weekend trip together as a family?
How weird is it that my youngest daughter, her boyfriend and her son are going to stay at her sister’s house?
How weird is it that I have grown-up children with families and furniture who are all grown-up and doing grown-up things?
With each other?

The mind just boggles at the very thought of it all.

2 thoughts on “Weird

  1. So weird… and the only bedroom set I’ve bought is for my daughter… she gets the new stuff and we have hand-me-downs from hubby’s parents when they bought a new set about 8 yrs ago… replacing cheap put-together crap we previously owned… typical mama to buy the new stuff for her child and have hand-me-downs for herself 🙂

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