Boys love drums

Koby hooked us up with a friend who had a drum set he never used. We bought it, Koby dissembled it, brought it down five flights of stairs, drove it to our house, brought it all upstairs, and reassembled it.

It’s beautiful and brand new.

The boys love it.

Decky, of course, is in love with it. He is the happiest boy on the planet right now. He will be dreaming of drumming, talking about it every waking moment.

And Koby loves it too. It’s his dream set – one that he has access to any time he wants it. He is very talented musically, and can really keep a good beat. He’s a natural.

But that brings us to Owen. Our twenty-six-month-old Owen.

The boy can drum.

He is not afraid, uses each drum and cymbal and cowbell (yes, it has a cowbell) appropriately.

And he makes the face. The face musicians make when they’re one with their instrument. When he sits on Koby’s lap and holds the sticks while Koby drums, his little face lights up. When he’s on his own, he stands so he can reach each drum, but plays ever-so-gently on the cowbell.

The boys are in heaven.

List of things we need in the Drum Room:
– towels
– deodorizer
– headphones or earplugs
– music stand
– water bottle.

If I let him, Decky will be up there drumming every waking minute. Unless Koby or Owen wants a turn.
God help us.

2 thoughts on “Boys love drums

  1. Now THAT is going to be one noisy house! There’s nothing like the sound of music being created by young people. Jack would be in heaven there, too. Sigh.

  2. I’ve got a great professional music stand for the drum room. I’ll send it with Dad when he comes out.

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