Update #3409603

– Decky didn’t get a chance to practice his drums today. After early release from school, he went to Nick’s house, then straight to football practice, then did homework. There was just no time. Tomorrow morning, I expect to hear him. Real early.

– Ryan is probably already in St Louis with his friend Denys. Next stop tomorrow: Chicago!

– Worked all day. How come all the nice ones have something terribly wrong with them, like a new cancer?

– So far, I really like the new ED doctors.

– I got five pounds of Missouri pecans in the mail today. I can’t wait to use them!

– Tomorrow I have a cooking class on “The Magical Bean.” Yes, my family will be able to eat all kinds of beans now. I bet that’ll go over like a rock.

– The painter applied some samples to the exterior of the house. The trim is an off-white and the walls are a gray-putty color. Do you think that will go okay with the rusty red roof? Could somebody please come out and help me with this one? Mom?

– Didn’t see or talk to Owen, Cait or Stef today.

– We were invited to four weddings in October. One in Chicago, which we can’t attend. One on the 9th in KC that we can’t go to. One on the 2nd in Lawrence, one on the 23rd downtown. Then one weekend, we’ll be in Galena, one I have to work, and one is Halloween. Yeesh.

– Dani’s shower is the 25th of this month. Too bad the house won’t be painted by then, because we’re having it here. I wonder how many people are coming? Better make some calls.

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