Last night, Ryan and Denys arrived in Chicago at about 7:30-8pm. They went directly to my mom and dad’s, where they enjoyed some Chicago pizza and company. Then they went to Stefanie’s, where they are staying during their visit. They got there at 9:30pm.

Stefanie’s boyfriend Kevin left home around 10-10:30pm and returned about midnight. In that span of time, Ryan’s car was stolen.

His old beatup, rusty red Honda Civic was stolen.

After a long night, the boys spent the day with Uncle at the police station, waiting for their name to be called so a police report could be filed. Turns out the Honda Civic is the most-often-stolen car in Chicago. Which doesn’t make this all any easier on Ryan.

Tonight, he will need some quiet downtime to recover from this crime. Tomorrow will be a much better day.
Maybe Ryan and Denys will actually find something fun to do in the city.

Luckily, if you have to be young without a car, Chicago is one of the best places to be. Hope Ryan sees it that way.


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