Everybody has been traumatized.

Ryan has no car. A crime has been committed against him. He was violated, and now has to figure out how to resume his normal life.
Stefanie feels responsible. She has a sick feeling in her stomach that is a result of intense guilt. She feels so bad that her neighborhood did not protect her brother. She feels betrayed.
My mom is so disappointed by Chicago. She is ashamed of the city and how it treated her grandson.
Denys has had his vacation disrupted. He is away from home in the midst of turmoil.
We all feel so bad for our boy. We all want to fix it, but there’s not much we can do right now.

Today is a new day. The dirty work (filing a police report, getting a bus pass, arranging a ride home – thanks, Dad!) was done yesterday. After an evening of decompression and a good night’s sleep, the days stretch out before the boys. Opportunities for fun abound in Chicago. Festivals on the weekend, concerts, the lake, the zoo, museums, great food, fun bars.

Hopefully the city will be doing its best to make up for the trauma inflicted on my son. I think it’s the least it could do.

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  1. Poor Ryan (and Denys). Today they are going to the Roscoe Village Guiness Oyster Festival that lasts all day and hearing 12 bands and the weather forecast is rain! They were so looking forward to their vacation in Chicago and have to keep overcoming obstacles. What the heck!

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