Upcoming events:

– Dad is bringing Ryan and Denys home Tuesday, and then staying for a visit. We’re so excited – to see our Bro and to have Dad with us for a while. Yay!
– Dani’s shower is here on Saturday! So much to do, so many plans – very exciting!

I have to clean, cook, decorate, shop, wrap, etc. I love having people over, and I love preparing the house for company. It’s going to be a busy week!

The ceiling fans should be installed this week. The painter may get started on the exterior this week too. The treadmill guy comes on Friday. Ryan will be shopping for a new car right when he gets home. There’s also a football practice and game, drum lesson, and various farmers markets and festivals and school picnics this week.

Wow. I just kinda overwhelmed myself.

Tomorrow – vacuum, clean bird cage, shop for shower gifts, maybe buy a new dress, grocery shopping, cook, clean light fixtures and windows. Ugh.