So…does Dad bring the chaos with him, or do we just bring it on ourselves whenever he’s around?

I swear, there actually are periods of days or even weeks where absolutely nothing goes on around here. I swear to god. But it seems that whenever Dad’s here, there’s some drama or equipment failure happening.

Ejector pump, dishwasher, ceiling fans. Boy drama, girl drama. It’s weird how it works.

Yesterday we had car drama. Today I’ve been running around getting ready for the shower – shopping, cleaning etc. The electrician replaced the ceiling fan, while the painters powerwashed the house’s exterior. I shampooed the carpets as everyone ran in and out of the house. Poor Dad finally settled on a lawn chair in the driveway, after getting shoved out of the house, then redirected by the powerwashers.

Thankfully I didn’t have to make dinner. Bill took us out to Oklahoma Joe’s, which is a BBQ joint housed in a gas station. Best BBQ we ever ate – we all agreed. And it was the first time I witnessed Dad unable to finish off a slab of ribs. Even Decky loved it! He said we have to go back there soon – and he always hated BBQ!

A successful day all around. Got a lot done, accomplished a lot myself, had a fun time at dinner. Tomorrow – baking, more cleaning, decorating, shopping, etc. Owen and Cait come over in the AM, painters start caulking early, the treadmill guy out at 10am. Picnic at Decky’s school for dinner, and only last minute things to be done for the shower by the end of the day. I’m hoping we’ll be able to squeeze in a walk with Dad.

My plate is full, but I’m so happy about it.