Lovely day

We got up slowly today after such a busy Saturday. Kinda just hung around the house most of the beautiful day.

This afternoon Decky, Punka and I walked to the playground and back. We watched Decky traverse the playset without touching the ground, and listened to him talk while he explored the creek. And we tracked the walk with my GPS, which confirmed Dad’s pedometer’s accuracy.

After that, we immediately set off for the apple orchard, where we met Caitlyn, Koby and Owen. The boys chased chickens and picked a lot of apples. What is it about boys and chickens? And by boys, I mean Koby too. They were all so goofy. We had a good time.

Then we came home to Pork Tenderloin a la Punka in the crockpot. I made some butternut squash and broccoli to go with it, and we all ate like horses. Horses who had just chased a bunch of chickens.

Dad and Bill talked Koby into joining them at the casino, so Cait and I took the boys out to DQ for ice cream. After a little cartoonage and play, Cait and Owen went home, where we concluded that Owen would sleep hard.

Decky and I are winding down, since he has school tomorrow. I’m sure Dad will pass out and sleep until noon tomorrow. He’s been moving nonstop all day. Hopefully all our men will come home richer tonight.

Either way, it’s been a lovely day.

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