Yet another wonderful day

This afternoon, Koby, Ryan, Decky, Owen and Caitlyn were on the driveway, skateboarding, playing basketball, riding scooters and bikes and trikes, and just generally goofing around. Dad and I watched from the stoop.

Decky couldn’t tear himself away from the fun for dinner, so I gave him a bowl of pasta on the front step. Owen mooched off of him while they watched the men and woman attempt crazy basketball shots. We clapped and cheered, the boys ate on the run. Eventually, each person brought a bowl of pasta outside, so the fun wouldn’t end.

Owen helped me pick tomatoes while Koby and Ryan worked on Ryan’s car.

It was fun and relaxing and the weather was great. After dinner, Koby ‘checked out’ the drum set to make sure it was working okay, then Owen helped him test it out. Bill and Decky went to football practice. The rest of us visited with Dad, then we watched the Bears game.

Tomorrow Dad goes home to Chicago. The furnace guy and the internet guy are coming out to fix things. The painters will hopefully start actually painting the house’s exterior. Decky gets out of school early and has a playdate at the skate park. I might go out to dinner with the girls. The Biggest Loser is on.

Life goes on. But it’s a good one.