Owen slept over last night because Cait was supposed to work at 7am today.
Although he started out on a crib mattress on the floor, by 2am he was in bed with us. He kicked and patted and smushed up against me. I was blanketless and cold and cramped from staying in one position too long.

But it was fun. The boys had breakfast together, we took Decky to school, we went to wallymart, we did chores. It was a fun morning. He’s my buddy.

After he went home, I took a killer walk before I picked up Decky from school. I ended up doing 5.3 miles total, and my legs are tired.
And I’m tired.

But I feel good. Tomorrow I work all day, so I’m heading to bed early – without the baby. I can’t wait.


The painters finished the stucco, and are working on the trim now. It’s looking good and I can’t wait until it’s done. Then they can work on the inside of the house!