The call came at work: This is Declan’s school. He had an accident on the playground. He is conscious…

That’s all I heard.

Then: We already called 911…

I told them: Send him to me.

I work at a local ED. When the EMS guys called report, I took it. I told them the usual: We’ll see you when you get here. Room assignment upon arrival.
And I added: Tell Decky his momma is waiting for him.

His teacher rode with him in the ambulance. She approached me as I semi-ran to his room, saying: He’s imitating a klingon.
I cut her off with a terse: No joking.

I had to lay eyes on my boy.

He had a huge hematoma between his eyes. A double-golf-ball-sized lump smack in the middle of his face that made his eyes look a lot further apart than they are. I gave him the most thorough assessment I have ever given a patient.

He was fine. His usual goofy self.

He got up and twirled around when the doctor asked him to stand up and walk. He worried he wouldn’t know the cartoon channels since the cable was different from ours. He was polite and sweet to everyone. He was okay. Bill left work early to come take him home and took care of him until I was done with my shift. He bought Decky Dairy Queen and iced my poor baby’s face.

He had run at full speed into the fireman’s pole on the playground at recess. He didn’t lose consciousness, although he did have to sit on the way to the nurse’s office. He complained of dizziness that resolved fairly quickly.

All the kids on the playground knew what had happened. Everyone stayed in their classrooms until the ambulance was gone. The principal sent out a mass email about the ambulance (no details).

I got about five or six calls from friends, parents and teachers at work or on my cell. My facebook page is full of inquiries, and so is my email. Decky’s former teacher came to the house and delivered a gift! Another friend brought home his backpack. Bill said the phone had been ringing off the hook all evening. My wonderful coworkers took all my patients until we knew that Decky was okay. A parent of one of Decky’s school friends who brought her other child to the ED asked about Decky before I could even assess her daughter. People want to come over, bring stuff, do things for us.

People love Decky. He is as wonderful a boy as we’ve always believed he was. He is loving, kind, smart, funny, charismatic. People want to be around him. He is fair to others and slow to anger. We’ve always known this, but we weren’t aware that others saw it too.

The school he attends has become like a family to us. Ever since he stepped foot in the building years ago, the people there have shown him (and us) nothing but love. They always have his back. They have looked out for him when I couldn’t. They love him and watch out for him.

So as dreadful and scary as this event was, it has shown us that people are good. People love Decky. And the universe indeed wants him to succeed.
We are so so lucky.

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  1. Poor boy, that sounds like a horrid, shocking whack he took. Glad he’s doing okay. And glad he’s got a mum who knows what to do in an emergency!

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