Status update

Decky is doing fine. His lump doesn’t stick out quite as far today, but has widened and makes him look like an Avatar person, only not blue.
So far only a tiny bit of bruising. We owe that to the vigilant ice application yesterday. Today he didn’t have it on as often, but still did well with it.
Now he walks around saying: Don’t yell at me, I’ve got a lump on my head. Or: But I need a snack, I have a lump on my head.
Very funny.

We went to a lovely wedding for a friend at work today. Small, intimate, casual and fun. Would rather have been at a raucous Chicago family wedding, but it’s just too hard to keep going back and forth so often. We’ll see everyone at Thanksgiving.

Wore makeup today. Rare occasion for me. Noted how the skin on my eyes is so much thinner and wrinklier lately. Yuck. I can almost see why women get their eyelids lifted. Not for me, but still.

Cait and Koby took the twin bed out of the ‘Band Room.’ He’s sleeping on it right now at his house. They also took the bed rails, so he should be just fine. I’ll look forward to hearing about his night.

Looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. Thinking of making soup for the chilly day.